Fearne’s World Book Day Recommendations

For world book day I wanted to share some books that have genuinely helped me. each in a very different way, yet each has left me feeling positive and boosted.

If you have trouble with anxiety make sure you monitor what you’re letting in. Read a good book, watch positive TV, listen to gentle podcasts, watch films that boost you…

My World Book Day Recommendations…

Radical Compassion – Tara Brach

This book will change the way you approach others and yourself. As a renowned mediation teacher and speaker Tara offers her wisdom and experience to help us all cultivate a little more compassion.

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

This book unlocked something in me. It changed the way o viewed creativity and allowed me to view it as an energy that is omnipresent and available to all. A beautifully written book from the heart.

I May Be Wrong – Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

I raced through this book keen to soak up as much wisdom as I could but also intrigued to hear more of the late Natthiko’s life story. He lived his life completely aligned with his beliefs and his words will resonate for many years to come.

Wintering – Katherine May

This book made me sigh with relief. In a world that seemingly never switches off this book gave me permission to slow down, retreat and at times get very quiet and still. I love the energy of this book and Katherine’s honesty.

Practising the Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

I’m a nerdy Eckhart fan so have imbibed a lot of his literature and listened to him talk a lot too. This book will help you stay in the moment and stop your mind from racing into the future or the past. A must read for anyone wanting a reduction in anxiety and a life guided less by ego and more by the heart.

Silence – Erling Kagge

Experiences silence is almost impossible these days so delving into workings exploration as he trekked solo to the poles was intriguing. A calming book that will help you seek the value in the quieter parts of life.

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