Christmas Excitement: A Peek into Year 3 & 4’s Festive Magic

Christmas is around the corner, and we all know that magical feeling bubbling up inside us.

It’s that time of the year when joy and excitement take center stage. In this blog post, we’re diving into the world of Christmas excitement through the eyes of the Year 3 & 4 class at St. Paul’s School. Brace yourselves for adorable drawings that will warm your heart…

Christmas excitement is like a spark that lights up our spirits. The Year 3 & 4 gang at St. Paul’s has nailed it with their drawings, capturing the happiness that comes from twinkling lights, family hugs, and the overall holiday charm.

Excited for decorating the tree

Excited for seeing family

Excited for Christmas parties

For these little artists, the thrill of unwrapping presents is where it’s at. It’s all about the magic under the Christmas tree! Giving is a big deal for these pint-sized Picassos. Their drawings show the happiness that comes from choosing and wrapping a gift for someone special.

Excited for giving presents

Excited for advent calendars

The Year 3 & 4 crew also knows that Christmas excitement means being cosy. Whether it’s sharing a festive meal, belting out carols, or just snuggling up together, their drawings radiate the warmth of family bonds.

Excited for Christmas Movies

Excited to spend time with my dog

Excited for hot chocolate

Excited to see if it snows

In the eyes of St. Paul’s Year 3 and 4 class, Christmas excitement is all about joy, love, and the simple pleasures of the season. As we gear up for the holidays, let’s soak in the excitement that fills our hearts and spread the magic around. Cheers to the festive fun ahead!