How To Make A Vision Board and The Science Behind Them

Imagine a poster or a board filled with pictures, words, and quotes that represent your biggest dreams and goals. It’s like creating a visual roadmap of the life you want to live. Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these boards are rooted in neuroscience, offering a powerful tool for manifesting dreams and aspirations. 

In the pursuit of personal growth and goal achievement, many have turned to the creative and visually compelling world of vision boards.



Super Brain Filter – Reticular Activating System (RAS):

Your brain has this super cool filter called the Reticular Activating System. It decides what to pay attention to and what to ignore. When you look at your Vision Board regularly, your brain thinks, “Hey, these goals are important!” So, it starts noticing opportunities that can help you achieve them. 

Brain Flexibility – Neuroplasticity and Visual Cortex Fun:

Your brain is like a gymnast, always flipping and changing. When you make and look at your Vision Board, it’s like giving your brain a workout. The visual part of your brain (we call it the visual cortex) gets active and strengthens the connections related to your goals. 

Feel-Good Vibes – Mirror Neurons and Emotions:

Ever feel super happy when you see something cool? That’s your brain’s mirror neurons at play. When you see your goals on your Vision Board and feel happy, those mirror neurons help you connect with your dreams emotionally. It’s like turning your dreams into your favourite song.

Emotional Power – Limbic System Party:

Your brain has a party centre called the limbic system. It’s in charge of all the feelings. When you look at your Vision Board and get excited about your dreams, the limbic system goes into party mode. It releases happy chemicals, making you feel pumped up and ready to tackle anything.

Happy Chemicals – Endorphins and Mood Boost:

Creating your Vision Board and checking it out regularly isn’t just fun; it’s mood-boosting for your brain. It releases chemicals called endorphins that make you feel good. So, not only are you getting closer to your goals, but you’re also having a blast doing it!


Step 1: Set Your Intentions

Decide on the areas of your life you want to visualise – like career, relationships, or health.

Step 2: Gather Materials 

For a physical board, grab magazines, scissors, glue, a poster board, and markers. For a digital board on Pinterest, create your 2024 board.

Step 3: Choose 

Flip through magazines, cut out images and words. Once satisfied, glue or tape them down. For Pinterest, order your images however you like. Then you can start imagining yourself living those goals.

Step 4: Personalise

Add affirmations, colours, and make it yours. Display your physical board where you’ll see it. For Pinterest, revisit and update your digital boards as your goals evolve. 

Step 5: Update and Revisit

As you progress toward your goals, update your vision board. Add new images, adjust goals, or celebrate achievements by incorporating symbols of success. Regularly revisit and visualise your board, reinforcing your commitment to the journey ahead.

So there you have it – the magic behind Vision Boards. Like a friendly guide, showing your brain the way to your dream life. Give it a try, make your Vision Board, and get ready for the journey ahead! 

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