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Happy Place

Happy Place is a new destination for all – where difference is celebrated and the extraordinary is discovered.

This is a place to connect. To listen to the most interesting minds on the planet, and engage with the conversation.

When we are disconnected we can feel dull. Connection is where all the meaning lives. So you’ve come to the right place. Here, we aim to give back and pay it forward. To find the joy in every day – even if for a moment.

For us to go on this journey together, you won’t need to go anywhere near a wind chime. You need nothing more than an open mind and a little curiosity.

This is Happy Place.

How it started


Happy Place was created from Fearne Cotton’s first book Happy, released in 2017, which became a Sunday Times Bestseller and a silver Nielsen Bestseller.

This was the first in a series of books talking about her own, and some not-so-positive, experiences with happiness.


Our Mission

Through story sharing and experts’ wisdom, we drive joy and inspire self-empowerment.
Enriching your day with stories that relate to the rainbow of emotion and experience.

“Everyone is going through something. We've all got our own story to share and challenges to face. If we can stand in the shadows together we've more chance of learning and growing through it all.”
Fearne Cotton