Up against the wall

Fearne on wallpaper to wow us and the empowerment of papering the loo.

My fabric and wallpaper collection is Hope & Bloom at Woodchip & Magnolia.How would I describe it in three words? Hopeful, vibrant and joyful. I adore wallpaper and design and have bought wallpaper from Woodchip & Magnolia in the past. I love that they print to order so there is no waste too. In the wallpaper and fabric collection, there’s also a design I hand-sketched which is the ‘Move & Flow’ wallpaper – inspired by my love of movement. I’m proud of it as I haven’t seen anything like it out there before.

You’ll find it in my loo

Last summer my dad taught me how to put up wallpaper so I got to work on the loo. I’ve used my Move and Flow design in cream and am so happy with it. It’s not often as adults we get to feel proud of ourselves but learning something new and completing a challenge has left me feeling proper proud. I massively enjoyed doing it too.



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Why designing is a happy place

I loved looking at what colour variants worked with each print. A design can look completely different by changing the base colour or the pigment of say a flower. This then allows people to set the right mood for them in their home. Whether it’s dark and moody colours to create comfort or light and colourful to create space.

I’ve wanted to do all the hallways from the top to bottom of the house in one of the florals. Maybe ‘Hope & Bloom’. I haven’t decided on which colourway yet. Maybe the pink or green but my husband is vying for yellow!

Flower power inspired me

I love florals as they’re so elegant. Colour is also important to me as I want to feel uplifted in the home. Spring always feels like a hopeful time, so looking at my favourite types of flowers helped me work out which designs to go with, and they include peonies.


Nina Marika Tarnowski is the textile designer and the creative force behind Woodchip & Magnolia. She says she finds inspiration everywhere: Her beloved Lancashire moors, the flower fields she loves to frequent, not forgetting her children and their distinctive personalities.

What’s with the name?

Woodchip & Magnolia? We don’t sell woodchip, we don’t advocate the use of neutral paint, and we use a lot of strong colours and gorgeous patterns. We love a quirky twist to everything we do, which may give you a clue as to the reasons for our identity!

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